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The whole of Sweden gathered in one place

We want it to be easy and accessible for anyone wanting to discover more of what Sweden has to offer and the many different ways in which to do it . All of our services have the same purpose which is to make it easy for you to reach out to your targeted user base with your material or for you who are interested in playing a part in other people’s promotional material. By collecting and storing brochures and maps from all over Sweden and having them readily accessible in one place, we can easily distribute this material quickly and efficiently to interested parties.

In our warehouse in the town of Pålsboda which is located 25 km south of örebro we proudly have hundreds of maps and other products that actively promote Swedish tourism. If you so wish you can order material free of charge from all over Sweden directly from our warehouse. The Perfect and most efficient solution for those who run, for example, hotels, cafés, restaurants, shops, tourist offices, museums or camping sites.

Let us not forget, you who are brochure-product owners can, via our large network merge everything from the printing aspect of your material to the further implementation of all of our many and varied channels such as distribution and upkeep, guaranteeing that anyone who wants to visit Sweden will have direct access to your materials and products when needed.

"By efficiently and customized, stocking and distributing to tourism organizations, we simplify for everyone who works with Swedish tourism."

We make it easy to work with tourism

All our services have the same purpose – to make it easy both for you who want to reach out with your material or you who want to take part in other people’s material. By collecting brochures and maps from all over Sweden in one place, we can easily distribute material to anyone who is interested.

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